About Valpeltro

Valpeltro is an artisan company located in Lograto, in the province of Brescia, which in 1973 has begun to work with pewter, creating replicas faithful to the original shapes, arousing the impact of European stylistic emotions with highlighted Italian patterns. Valpeltro was born from the passion and initiative of Vincenzo Lorenzo Artale owner of Valpeltro, a leading company for 40 years in the world of pewter items production.

Valpeltro today

TodayValpeltro is a company that while retaining its artisanal characteristics has been able to build bridges in distant markets by selling its products in different parts of the world. Valpeltro also boasts of having supplied particular objects to furnish prestigious villas of famous people in the world of fashion and of being a supplier of objects for setting up the sets of successful films.

Valpeltro for over 25 yearshas exhibited its articles in the most important sectoral fairs in Italy and abroad.


Via industriale, 1 – 25030 – Lograto (BS)

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Tel. +39 030 9780069



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