Handcrafted pewter production

Culture of the table

Cutlery, plates, appetizers, cake stands and all pewter items to make your table rustic, refined and above all unique.

Gifts and furnishing accessories

Candlesticks, frames, clocks, vases, figurines, containers and objects in handcrafted pewter.

Collectible items

Lamps, candles, wall plates, pewter and ceramic objects, religious articles, ornaments and many other products.

About us

Valpeltro is an artisan company located in Lograto, in the province of Brescia, which in 1973 has begun to work with pewter, creating replicas faithful to the original shapes, arousing the impact of European stylistic emotions with highlighted Italian patterns.

What is pewter?

ThePewter is an alloy composed of 95% tin, 3% copper and 2% antimony. Valpeltro gives an absolute guarantee of safety in the use of its products for food use.

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Via industriale, 1 – 25030 – Lograto (BS)

Phone contacts

Tel. +39 030 9780069
Fax. +39 030 9780071


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